Life-Changing Writing

A unique, holistic writing experience

You're not looking for another course, you're looking for results. Life-Changing Writing is a live online writing program that is designed with your true capability in mind. Something different.

Write like yourself again!

You’re already an exceptional writer and I’ll prove it!

Most people aspire to write like their favorite authors but I teach you how to write like yourself. In this coaching and live mentorship experience, your stories will begin to pour out of you on the first session.

If you have no writing practice to speak of or if you are an experienced writer having writer’s block, you will benefit from this course & live mentorship!

I will help you learn to trust your voice while embracing your unique writing path. Through writer self-care, self-compassion, and consistent practice in our creative community, your writing will blossom in unexpected and inspiring ways.

Every genre and experience level is welcomed.

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Meet Your Mentor

Meres-Sia Gabriel

Bestselling author of I Twirl in the Smoke, Meres-Sia’s work as a writer and performer deals with helping marginalized groups center themselves through artistic expression and their personal narrative. Recently she collaborated with the de Young Museum of San Francisco for a series of poetry performances for the Kehide Wiley exhibition. She has also performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; EDELO and Universidad de la Tierra in Chiapas, Mexico; and her poetry is in a permanent installation at the Oakland Museum of California — “Black Power in California.” She has collaborated with artists of the Zapantera Negra project with poetry featured in their exhibitions  in Cuba, Chiapas, Vienna, and Spain. She is a co-author of the KQED/BE-IMAGINATIVE watch guide for the Emmy-nominated film When the Water’s Get Deep.
When she is not writing, coaching writers, and performing, she is dreaming, teaching French at the local community college, and enjoying being a mother of two adult daughters.

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