Life-Changing Writing

A unique holistic writing program designed with writer wellness in mind.

What is Life-Changing Writing?

Life-Changing Writing is more than an online writing course, it’s a live, unique holistic writing program and experience focused on developing your writing as you craft your words on your way to success! 

Created by best-selling author, Meres-Sia Gabriel, Life-Changing Writing offers personalized online writing prograams for writers of all ages and experience levels. 
Centered around your development, we strive to bring you content that enriches your experience and guides your path to enlightened writing from your heart, into the world.

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When Autumn leaves begin to fall

This fall we are exploring how rhythm, poetry, and music contribute to writing wellness

Write like yourself again!

You’re already an exceptional writer and I’ll prove it!

Most people aspire to write like their favorite authors but I teach you how to write like yourself. In this coaching and live mentorship experience, your stoies will begin to pour out of you on the first session. 

If you have no writing practice to speak of or if you are an experienced writer having writer’s block, you will benefit from this course & live mentorship!



Wanting so badly to write that it hurts. The story inside of you keeps knocking at your heart. The more you ignore it, the harder it knocks until finally, exasperated, you decide to sit down and write it. But nothing comes out.

It happens

It happens to me and a lot of other people. It happens to new writers and experienced writers. It even happens to award winning writers. Life-Changing Writing is here to help you find the inspiration to write your next great work of art!

What makes us special?

Life-Changing Writing in Eight Weeks: Write Your Book, Inspire Others, and Leave Your Mark on the World is a LIVE, intimate group mentorship program focused on enhancing your writing abilities. 

The program is designed to help writers of every level access their authentic writing style so you can write with ease. 

Downloadable workbook

Track your progress and learn new information with an interactive, downloadable workbook provided at the start of the course. 

Live Coaching

Receive ongoing online coaching through duration of the course with the opportunity to continue live coaching sessions after the course ends with additional trainings, workshops, and coaching.

Engaged community

Engage with a community of writers across the world in many industries.

Meet your mentor

Meres-Sia Gabriel

“I Twirl in Smoke” best-selling author and Life-Changing Writing founder, Meres-Sia Gabriel, guides you through this unique, live writing mentorship program during 8 weeks of progressing development with additional resources. 

She knows sharing your work can be an uncomfortable experience but the experience shouldn’t be unsafe. 


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