How to enjoy writing: 5 Writing Tips for a Fun Writing Experience

How to improve your writing process: Do the kind of writing you love.

Do you love making lists? Do you have fun detailing your schedule in your planner? Do you enjoy dream journaling? Start with a simple task you take pleasure in by consciously acknowledging that what you’re doing is a valid form of writing!

If you believe you are writing meaningfully, your mind will adjust to seeing you as a writer and you will want to create more. Your writing will grow and positively change when you acknowledge what you create is valid, no matter what form it takes.

How to improve writing fine motor skills: Use timed prompts.

One book I particularly enjoyed was Writing Alone and with Others, where Pat Schneider suggests prompts on small pieces of paper ahead of time and placing them in an envelope or small box that you draw from when you’re ready. Set your timer and make time to write for yourself.

The element of surprise will definitely add some fun to your experience.

How to have fun writing: Be childish.

Draw, use stickers, use crayons, and play with legos or action figures to create your unique story like you did when you were a kid. Return to a childish mindset and be open to opportunities that arise when you allow yourself the freedom of thought. Make time for yourself to express your emotions through childish behavior and written expression.

When you take on a mindset that values fun over productivity, you are creating a positive space for yourself that encourages a playful tone of voice within you. Your artistic vision will come alive as you think more openly about your work and the possibilities you can achieve in a short amount of time without restraint.

Think outside of the box and you will be surprised how your story develops!

How to improve physical writer health: Dance.

This tip is really about what dance evokes for me: culture, rhythm, movement, music, and being in communion with your own soul and spirit (a key to writer wellness).

The music of Bessie Smith was so important to the writer James Baldwin that he even said he wanted to write like Bessie Smith Sings. Her music helped him get through many dark days of writing and life.

Think about the last artist who inspired you. What was it about their work that encouraged you to push forward? What did they have that made you enjoy the rhythm, beats, sound, etc? Why did you relate to their work? Put on a playlist of their songs and get lost in the sounds!

If you reach a wall or get writer’s block, as we all do at times, then it’s time to move your body, get fresh air, go for a walk, or just sit on the front porch and “lollygag” as my southern friend and fellow writer Adrienn Oliver would say. Try listening to music, going to a festival, visiting a flea market, or dancing until you’re sore!

How to make writing fun: Join a group.

Honestly, the most fun I have is while writing with others within writing groups. Whether as a participant in a workshop or as a workshop leader, this is where I laugh the most and get to experience the full range of emotions that accompanies creating stories.

I had a lot of fun in a children’s workshop I did recently here. I was surprised by what the children found funny in my stories. They laughed at things adult writers wouldn’t have thought about and that gave me another perspective on my work. I also just enjoy how much we laughed together.

If you try one of these tips, let me know how it goes!

Do you have ideas or alternative ways to enjoy yourself when you struggled with writing that you would like to share? Get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

This article is dedicated to the loving spirit of Kemani Anthony Gray who transitioned shortly after attending the children’s writing workshop mentioned above. His laughter, creativity, and gentle energy will remain etched in my heart. I am grateful for the gift of himself that he shared with all of us during that time.

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